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Time Heals All Wounds…

October 20th, 2014
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In 2008 a kid raised by the city of Akron committed what most felt was the ultimate act of betrayal. LeBron James decided to take his talents to South Beach, leaving a city to pick up the pieces. The Cleveland Cavilers owner Dan Gilbert felt so betrayed, he decided to write an open letter to LeBron expressing how he truly felt. Some would even go as far to say the decision was on the same level of Art Modell moving the Cleveland Browns. Cleveland Cavalier fans, in disbelief turned to the streets. Burning LeBron’s jersey in the streets, parents tearing down his poster off their kids walls, and  borderline rioting.

Fast forward to present day, LeBron is coming home.  After he won his two titles, its time to bring his talent back to Cleveland. The new BeatsByDre commercial is actually what sparked this post. In this latest commercial it shows love fest that has started back up. I guess it really is true, time does heal all wounds.  I will not say that this commercial will make me run out and buy a pair of Beats, I happen to feel they are overrated. However I will give Beats credit, this commercial is very well done. Having LeBron’s mom narrate, and showing what LeBron went through growing up was a very nice touch.

I don’t honestly believe that its ever been all about winning with the fans of Cleveland. Now don’t get me wrong they want to see LeBron deliver a championship to the city, but its more then that.  It is more of a case of a  son coming home. LeBron handled the decision completely wrong. There were a couple of different dynamics at work that night. Ego, and him trying to give back to the kids.  Given the chance to do it all over again, I feel sure that he wouldn’t make the same mistake twice. He is on the right path to making some things right with the city, and its obvious in the way the fans are welcoming him back. I hope that one day LeBron can deliver a championship to the fans of Cleveland. If one fanbase deserves a bright spot in the city, its Cleveland.







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Knocking Off The Dust…

December 10th, 2013
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So after I renewed the domain for Ick’s  Corner for another 9 years I was told *Now if you would just do something with it*.  Well I guess that friend is going to get his wish.  Over the next few weeks we will be doing updates to the site, knocking off the cobwebs, and getting back to the business of turning out high quality posts. I have also recruited one of my good friends to stop by from time to time and put his two cents in. I have had the pleasure of knowing this guy for almost 5 years now, funny thing is we have never actually met. He was a fan of the corner, and we began talking in emails and then BAM a friendship was born. I can’t even hold it against him that he is a Sooners fan. I’m also going to see if I can get Liverdamage to start making an appearance again.

Ah now comes the task of cleaning out all the spammers, and remodeling the home page…

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A Moment To Reflect…

October 17th, 2012
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For over a decade now it seems as if a new athlete is found guilty of using performance enhancing drugs each month. Millions and millions of our hard earned tax dollars have gone into investigations by our Government to bring these cheaters to justice.  Apparently when our favorite athlete tests positive we as sports fans are supposed to be shocked, *Oh I can’t believe they would do that*. That may have been the case about 10 years ago, but now we are just kind of getting used to it. Accepting it as if its the norm, kind of like *Manny Being Manny*. In my honest opinions there are 3 types of performance enhancing drug user in sports today.

1. The Ego – Driven by the need to be the best. The athlete that wants all the spot light, national media attention, and all the fame that comes with it.

2. The Cash Grabber – The player in the last year of his existing contract, and looking for the as Cuba Gooding Jr. said in Jerry McGuire *The Quan*  The bigger the stats, the bigger the payday from his current team, or when he hits free agency.

3. The Healer – Players who use drugs to heal faster, or at least thats what they would like you to believe.

For whatever reason a player decides to use performance enhancing drugs, the end of the story is always the same. There is no such thing has *happily ever after* when players decide to journey down the path of wrong. Stop me if you have heard this story. Athlete X took performance enhancing drugs, and they all lived happily every after. Whats that? You’ve never heard that story before? Well thats because it doesn’t exist my friends.

The news of Lance Armstrong using performance enhancing drugs, is so 5 years ago. I mean lets face it, Armstrong has been linked to performance enhancing drugs for just about his entire career.  His performance enhancing drug use isn’t even what has sparked this post which will send the internet into a whirl wind. Not because of its subject matter, because lets face it, this isn’t the first post I’ve ever written about about performance enhancing drugs. It will be turned upside down, because I drug my ass out of retirement to write it.

Now before I go any further let me just throw this disclaimer out there. I do not condone the use of performance enhancing drugs in any sport. I am one of the few people left in America that actually still would prefer my sports to be clean. Since those days are long gone, I will not be foolish enough to think they will ever return. No matter how much testing they try to put in place. There will always be a scientist in a lab somewhere trying to stay one step ahead of the testing program. Unfortunately this case is just a little bit different.

Lance Armstrong started LiveStrong to help cancer patients. He didn’t decide one day to go to LiveStrong, say *Hey I love your work* and become a spokesperson, he started the foundation. Since the foundation opened, it has raised over $500 million dollars for cancer research, and other various things. Let’s put that in perspective, that is half a BILLION dollars. Today Armstrong stepped down as the chairman of LiveStrong, and I have to say in this case one should have nothing to do with the other. His now tainted cycling career should have nothing to do with the worth while cause he and his foundation fight for each and every day. While I understand why he did it, I can’t say I agree with his decision. Lance Armstrong was never a hero for his ability to ride a bike. He was a hero for not only starting a foundation that is looking for a cure that effects 1 in 7 people either directly, or indirectly.  Regardless of the fact if he is the chairman or he sits on the board, he will always be the face of LiveStrong.

Also coming on the same day as Armstrong stepping down, Nike drops him as a sponsor. In a statement released by Nike they ramble on about not condoning the use of performance enhancing drugs, blah, blah, blah. Apparently repeated extra marital affairs, and crimes against animals is something they do condone at Nike, as Tiger Woods and Michael Vick  still have endorsement deals with Nike. Of course when Woods and Vicks scandals unfolded, they dropped them like yesterdays garbage too. They would later resign them. Vick was resigned shortly after he started winning again on Sundays. America loves come back story, as long as performance enhancing drugs aren’t involved. Nike resigning Vick and Woods tell me they are only concerned with the all mighty dollar, and not with their image. So why drop Lance Armstrong? He doesn’t have 11 kids by 11 different women. He has never been in trouble with the law, well til now. The only thing he has been guilty of is falling under the category of the Ego driven performance enhancing drug user. It is also being reported that Oakley, Anheuser  Busch, Trek, and FRS ( an energy drink) company will also end their endorsement deals with Armstrong. Radio Shack however will still remain supporters of the LiveStrong foundation.

People are going to judge Lance Armstrong in the court of public opinion, and there is nothing anyone can do about that. Armstrong made some poor decisions in his cycling career, there is no doubt about that. The work that he has done for cancer patients through the efforts of his LiveStrong foundation should not be dismissed. My father in law is a cancer survivor and I have found myself wondering if the money raised for research by LiveStrong in some small way saved his life. As I said I do not condone what Armstrong did in his cycling career, but I’m smart enough to seperate that, from his foundation.

We as sports fan at some point must stop putting these athletes up on pedestals, and realize that they are human. They make mistakes just like each and every one of us. I won’t say that if he had to do it all over again, he would have chosen differently. He could have been in the mind frame of a teenager, thinking he would never get caught. I would only hope that moving forward, he has learned to make smarter decisions.





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Embrace Change…

February 3rd, 2012
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Superbowl weekend is an emotional time for all football fans. We are either planning our big party, or find ourselves weighing out  our options of which invite we will take. Most of the time this decision is based on who is going to have the best food, best booze, and the best TV. We are also left with a hollow feeling inside because we realize in 3 short hours our lazy Sundays will be gone for 6 months. We men know that our wives or girlfriends are making the honey do lists, and planning out things for us to do, that they know otherwise would not happen during the football season. The football widows get their men back if you will. We football fans spend the  2 weeks leading up to the Superbowl having it over analyzed to the point it makes us sick to our stomachs. The last two weeks have been no different, except  this year we have been treated to a heavy dose of Peyton Manning being shoved down our throats. What will the Colts do, and where will land?  The Peyton Manning talk has overshadowed the Superbowl.

In 1998 with the first overall pick the Indianapolis Colts selected Peyton Manning, over Ryan Leaf. Fans boo’ed and mocked this decision. The same fans would later get to enjoy 12 years of 10 win seasons, multiple trips to the playoffs, and a Superbowl win over the Chicago Bears. This year some ugly truths were realized in Colt country. The Colts realized that Peyton Manning sweeps a lot of problems under the rug. Truth be told without taking one snap this season, Peyton Manning should win another Most Valuable Player award. Lets face it without Peyton Manning under center, the Colts are beyond horrible. The Colts find themselves for the first time in many years, lost and confused on which direction they should go. Several key pieces of the puzzle are now free agents. Staples of their franchise like Jeff Saturday, Reggie Wayne, Gary Bracket, and several others. Resigning and cutting free agents happens every off season, but how far do you think $28 million dollars would go? With March 8th rapidly approaching the Colts have to figure out if they are going to pay Manning a $28 million dollar roster bonus, or out right release him. No Colt fan wants to see number 18 in another jersey next year, but I think they want to see another 2-14 season even less. 

I know the idea of the Colts releasing Manning sends some Colts fans into a corner to assume the fetal position, where they will slowly rock back and forth until someone talks them into coming out. Manning has been the face of the Colts franchise, and will walk into Canton 5 years after he leaves the game. Colts fans have become spoiled on division titles, and playoff appearances. While Colts fans have had Manning under center for the last 13 years, other franchises around the league have gone through as many as 7 starting quarterbacks. See the Washington Redskins, and Oakland Raiders as examples. Sure Manning could restructure his deal to free up some cap room. This could be a 2-3 year band-aid at best. The Colts jumped  feet first into the Andrew Luck sweepstakes, now its time for them to claim their prize. No one knows for sure if Andrew Luck is going to be the new face of the franchise. He certainly has all the attributes, but no one really knows for sure. I have read articles where fans have said if the Colts trade, or release Peyton Manning they are going to give up their season tickets. Guess what, someone else will be there to buy them. I have also heard some fans say they will follow Manning to which ever team he goes to, they will be back.  Fans act like hormonal women most of the time, and often say some of the dumbest things. We often put our blinders on to reality, and rarely can see past the tip of our own noses when it comes to our teams. 

If the Packers can tell Brett Favre to hit the bricks, then the Colts can most certainly part ways with Peyton Manning. After all let us not forget that football is no longer a sport, its a business. Cutting Manning would be strictly a business decision, and a very wise one at that. Collect your prize from the lottery, spread that $28 million dollar signing bonus around, and rebuild the team.



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Ol’ Sweater Vest Pulls Me Out Of Retirement…

April 26th, 2011
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The NCAA is trying to drop the hammer on yet another high profile coach, there is a joke in there somewhere right? With all that has happened in the world of sports since my last post, its a joke of an investigation by the NCAA that pulls me out of retirement.

I mean seriously lets look at some of the stuff that has happened since mid  last NFL season.. The NFL players and owners have lost their minds, and expect the fans to stand around and wait while they finish fighting over millions of dollars. You know the classic Millionaires V Billionaires. Heads up players, if your having money problems stop buying 10 cars to park in front of your million dollar homes. Stop spending $5,000 dollars a month of feeding your sharks, oh wait sorry thats Gilbert Arenes, wrong sport. The NBA will get there chance to do battle after the season is over. With their CBA set to expire after the NBA Finals.

Barry Bonds beats the wrap for being a cheater. *I took steroids, but I didn’t know what I was taking* Riiiiight! Man I would have been held in contempt of court when I jumped out of my seat during that trial to ask the most obvious question ever. So Mr. Bonds do you often let men poke you in the ass with a needle, and not ask then what they are putting in you? I mean seriously did you even get a kiss or dinner first? Ok so that was more like 2 questions, but you get the idea..

King James took his talents to South Beach, and is now D-Wade’s bitch, er umm I mean team mate. This team was supposed to just run through the regular season with ease, but somehow still have zero chemistry, and can’t seem to figure out how to put teams away in the 4th quarter. Hey guys I’m not on the team or anything, and I don’t get paid a fat salary to analyze the NBA for ESPN, but I’m pretty sure its called defense. It was real easy for the Heat to look like superstars against the scrubs of the league, but they are absolutely horrible against teams with winning records. Sure they are going to get by the 76’ers in the first round of the playoffs, but I’m sure they will get their clocks cleaned by the Celtics in the next round.

Carmelo Anthony whined his way out of Denver, and Denver got better? Ummm makes you wonder whats really going on with that one. Knick fans are happy they made the playoffs so I guess the New York media will not be to harsh on Mr. Anthony for not being a player that will make others around him better. Like Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant, Derrick Rose, and a hand full of other you know legit superstars in the league. One question still remains though, its the NBA so who really cares anyway? The NBA as I knew it died when it became more about the flash and glam, and less about the game. You know back when they had legit rivalries like the Pacers/Knicks, Celtic/Lakers, and the Bulls/Pistons.

Last but not least The Packers won the Superbowl! Aaron Rodgers finally gets the respect he deserves, and that franchise can FINALLY move out of the shadow of Brett Favre! Ted Thompson doesn’t look so stupid now does he? I’m just saying.

With all these things going on its an NCAA investigation that gets the creative juices flowing, and the desire to log back into this website that has just sat in cyberspacefor months. Jim Tressel (Ol’ Sweater Vest) as some of us like to call him has gotten busted *AGAIN* by the NCAA for basically being stupid. Man if your gonna cheat be smart about it, and if you know your about to get hammered, take a note from Pete Carroll’s book and take the WORST job in the NFL to avoid the NCAA like the plague. How stupid do you have to be to ignore emails from a former student , a lawyer mind you, telling you that your players are selling their stuff to make money? Now one can argue that since its the players, they should be able to do what they want with it, but thats another discussion for another time.

I’d like to imagine that Jim was sitting in his office one Monday morning sipping his morning coffee (with his pinky sticking straight up cause he looks like thats how he rolls), classical music playing softly in the background while checking his email. He sees this email marked URGENT, scans through it, and then thinks to himself, *I’m Jim Tressel, I am The Ohio State* and dismissed it. Never once actually thinking, *You know maybe I should take this to my A.D. so I can cover my ass, I would sure hate to lose this cushy job*. *I mean all I have to do is win this soft ass BS schedule that I put together year in and year out, and make a bowl appearance. Then when I get out coached, and my team gets steam rolled I’ll just blame the days off between the end of the season and the bowl game, and the boosters and A.D. will give me the at’ta boy, and tell me *We will get’em next year*

So when *The Ohio State* gets wind of this, the slap Jim on the wrist with a hefty looking fine of $250,000. Sure on the surface this looks like its a lot of money, but its really not. Especially since Jim, who makes roughly $3.5 million dollars a year, wont be cracking open his checkbook for this. You know the school and boosters will be the ones writing out the checks to pay this fine. Tressel will also be suspended for a few games next year, during the meat of his soft NON CONFERENCE schedule against some *Sister of the poor* school. Sorry bad joke!  Now after all this *The Ohio State* can say *We took care of it ourselves, please don’t come look under this carpet we swept everything under*.  What a joke!

Just to save face the NCAA is now taking a *serious* look into the activities of Tressel saying he was completely honest with them about what he knew. Well no shit ya think? Lets see if he told you everything he knew, then his Bust, er um star Terrell Pryor wouldn’t have been able to play all season because he and 4 of his teammates would have been found ineligible! You know kinda like Cam Newton should have been last year, damnit, must staaaaaay focused!

Face facts Buckeye fans your coach is a fraud, this is his second time getting smacked around by the NCAA. Not saying that it isn’t going on all over the country, but at least for this week its Tressel under fire for being stupid. If *The Ohio State* was smart they would fire Tressel, deal with what the NCAA hands down, and move on. Something to think about if you, as a fan of the Buckeyes can be honest with yourselves. However since most of you can’t be objective, I’m sure there is a website or message board you can vent your frustrations on. Fellow fans will be the only ones in the college football world to think that Tressel should remain the head coach of your beloved Buckeyes..

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